New Student Housing Application  |  2022-2023

Page 1 - Verify your information

Please use the email address on file with us (the one we sent this email to). Thank you!

Page 2 - Housing and Meal Plan Preferences

For more information about our residence halls, please click HERE.
Each room is furnished with twin bed, chest of drawers, computer desk, and chair. Furnishings must not be removed from designated areas.

*Starting in Fall 2022, Stephens College will be able to admit male identified students as part of the Conservatory for the Performing Arts. Although all Conservatory academics will be separate from regularly admitted students, one floor from each residence hall will be available to Conservatory students and therefore deemed a “co-educational” floor, as it will be available to all gender identities.

Please rank your residence hall choices: 1 being first choice, 4 being last choice.

Pet Preferences
All residential, undergraduate students are required to have a meal plan. For questions contact Dr. Laura Nunnelly,

Page 3 

Roommate/Suitemate Pairing Questionnaire
Help us get to know you a little better! Even if you are requesting a single room, this helps us guide suite-mate pairings.